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Disney fights to keep kids attention

As the Imagineers see it, Walt Disney was the original gamer. When he created Disneyland in 1955, he wanted it to transcend the carnival-type rides already familiar to consumers. Instead, he sought to marry technology and storytelling to take children and their parents, too, into virtual worlds. With the trend toward tech-savvy kids Disney is… Read More »Disney fights to keep kids attention

Winnie-The-Pooh’s net worth?

Steve Bowbrick debates the Disney claim over Winnie-The-Pooh’s copyright. As he points out, if the stuffed with fluff one earned you $5.3 Billion last year you’d fight hard to keep him too. Also see Steve’s links to this delicous pathological diagnosis of the characters in the 100 acre woods and this link to Ashdown Forest,… Read More »Winnie-The-Pooh’s net worth?

Disney and Copyright, a little known fight

Reason magazine has a story on a decades old copyright battle between Disney and a 60s counterculture activist. It’s an interesting look at how America’s values have changed in the ensuing time. So much so that the Supreme Court rules different today than it did back then. The article written by Bob Levin, an attorney… Read More »Disney and Copyright, a little known fight

Will there be a strike?

Planning a vacation to Disney World soon and want to know if there will be a strike when you get there? You might want to call Disney and let them know you expect them to settle with the unions and preserve your vacacation.

At lot of the talk around the union is that why would someone working at the park making $7.00 an hour want to strike. Do they expect to earn a living working at Dumbo or the fast food counter. The reality is no. They do not. Most are part time employees, people who are supplimenting their income, or dedicated Disney fans of some sort. These employees probably didn’t even vote in the election, and if they did they were probably among the ‘yes’ votes as their income would be severly impacted by a strike.

My sense is the people who voted no on this contract are the people who have the highest skilled jobs (some require special training or licenses). These positions include Bus Drivers, Characters, Housekeeping. Their pay scales have been structured in such a manner that if you work 4-5 years in a position you’re now earning what could be a decent wage ($13-$15/hr). If you throw in a little overtime and have two wage earners in the household you could even do quite nicely in parts of Orlando/Kissimmee.

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Peter Pan Copyright Case

Quiz time. Is Peter Pan public domain or not? That will be the question for the courts as Disney stands accused of copyright infringment and denying funds to the Barrie Childrens Hospital Charity. I think it’s a little two faced for Disney to fight so hard in congress to keep Mickey Mouse out of the… Read More »Peter Pan Copyright Case

Just Ducky, Donald

If you’re a fan of Donald Duck, or Disney animation period, you might want to find your way to Eugene Oregon this month for a celebration of the foul mouth fowl. The University of Oregon is the only college with a Disney character as their mascot: A duck emblem was in use by 1933, and… Read More »Just Ducky, Donald

Ack. Tigger Case Continues… has further details on the Michael Chartrand ‘Tigger’ case and the recent accusations against him. Some more Cast Members have jumped on the bandwagon. The two women claim that Chartrand touched them when he checked their Disney pin lanyards. One woman told detectives that… Read More »Ack. Tigger Case Continues…