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Arrest Made in Disney Tea Cup Scuffle

Remember back in May when a woman was assaulted while waiting in line for the Tea Cups at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? Not only did she suffer injuries, but she accused Disney Security of letting her attacker escape before Sheriff Deputies could arrive to question her assailant. Well, now that alleged assailant is under arrest. It took Sheriff Deputies two months to track her down.

Reportedly the assault occurred when the victim was allowed to board the attraction ahead of the accused’s family. I don’t know exactly what the details were in this case but, I’ve ridden the Tea Cups enough to take a guess. If there was only one tea cup available but the accused’s family was too large for one vehicle, then the cast member loading the attraction will ask for a party of four or smaller and load them in. This keeps the attraction running at max capacity and makes for a shorter average wait for guests of the park. Of course, if you’re the family that is passed over those next 90 seconds of the ride can be murder (sarcasm intended) and it doesn’t seem efficient to you. But that’s no reason to lash out at the innocent guest who is just doing what the cast member asked them to do.

Disney Cast Members could help defuse the situation by calming explaining to the guests about to be passed over that while there isn’t room for their whole party on this ride, the next cycle will include them. Many cast members do this, a few do not. But it makes for a more pleasant experience. Stickers for the passed over kids would be another opportunity to turn a negative into a positive!

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