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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Removes More Walls As Work Continues


The final phases of work on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are rapidly approaching. Disney just removed even more walls from around the left side of Snow White’s Mountain revealing more of the track and theme details. It’s amazing how close the cars will pass in front of guests. There should be some great photo opportunities.

Still no official soft opening date, but the grand opening ribbon cutting for press will be on May 2! So expect it to be open to the public shortly before or after that date. If you can’t watch the video above, I have over a dozen photos from my walking tour around the mountain below the jump:

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Construction Update – March 2014


As we saw in February’s 2nd update, the walls are down around a small section of Snow White Mountain at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It will be the last area to open as part of Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland expansion. Since February a lot more landscaping work has been done, to the point where it is practically a forest in some parts. But in other areas there is still a ways to go on just covering the dirt. As we saw in the ride-through POV video, there is also a lot of finished touches on buildings and interior sets.

We still have no word on an official opening date, but some say soft opens could come as soon as late April or early May. We do know that the media event will be the last few days of April. Cast member previews usually start either shortly before media events or shortly after them and then once cast members are done, annual passholders get a chance, and finally soft openings. But sometimes that’s all thrown out the window too. So don’t make any plans until it is official or if you do make plans, have a backup ready in case it isn’t ready. Those coming in June should most likely be able to ride, but nothing is certain. This is a completely unique ride system that Disney had built. Nothing like it exists.

As usual, we have both video and photos from all around Snow White Mountain.

Photos are below the jump:
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