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Wall Removal Reveals Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster’s Big Drop & More

A large sweeping drop will send passengers on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train speeding past a waterfall and over a wooden bridge.

A large sweeping drop will send passengers on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train speeding past a waterfall and over a wooden bridge.

The walls are down around a small section of Snow White’s mountain at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland expansion. So we’re back with a second update on the roller coaster this month. Work by Disney’s artisans and craftsmen (and women) appears to be is progressing at a rapid pace now. When workers aren’t putting finishing touches on the show details others are testing the cars on the track and working out the kinks of the dispatch and safety system.

Still no word on an official opening date, but some say soft opens could come as soon as April. Here’s video of taken of the newly open area yesterday as well as updates from all around Snow White’s Mountain.

Many more photos of the newly revealed vista and other progress on Snow White’s Mountain below the jump:

The area is becoming heavily forested, even if it’s a mix of real and fake trees.

The walls have been removed on the bridge into the Beauty & The Beast area of New Fantasyland.

Still a lot of work to do in the area, but I like that we’re getting a good look.

There is definitely some detail work that remains.

From this distance, the rock formations are very believable. Even down to the geological seems on the rocks.

A close up of the bridge your mine train car will zip underneath and then pass across after the drop.

The waterfall is on. Already looking suitably mossy.

The quick descent will be sure to thrill.

Followed by a beautiful sweeping turn.

Not very exciting, but useful in case of evacuation.

A nearby area where the walls are down. Across from Gaston’s.

A look down the walkway behind Snow White’s Mountain.

Where the walls remain, you can still peek through the windows they added.

Or through holes in the fence. This is part of the queue system getting some rock work done.

Some of the entrance queue area under construction.

Love the perched Vultures. A classic character from the movie.

A peek through the other preview windows. This side appears more finished.

A view from near the Teacups. Lots of work going on here.

A close up of one of the buildings used in the queue system.

Artisans adding the sludge that gives the beams a realistic touch.

A few walls have been moved for some work on the ground in front of the Pooh attraction.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this update. Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook where we have more photos and videos from the parks.