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Movie Release Schedule

Disney Shuffles Movie Release Schedule for 2023-2025

This week Disney has updated its upcoming movie release schedule with several shuffled release dates, and new dates for previously unannounced movies. So get your calendars out, because here is the list of new dates and movies: MARVEL First of all, several Marvel movies have… Read More »Disney Shuffles Movie Release Schedule for 2023-2025

Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot teaser trailer released


Disney may have bought Marvel studios, but unfortunately it was too late to land the rights to some of Marvel’s biggest properties. Those comics were licensed to other studios, who had previous deals with Marvel. There’s hope that some of these will eventually come back to Disney, but in general, the deals favor the other studios, as long as they continue to make movies using the comic book super heroes.

That explains why 20th Century Fox is rebooting the Fantastic Four series with a new cast and new backstory. Fox also owns the rights to the X-Men in movies. Marvel co-producers, but Fox will distribute.

There was a lot of buzz about the new the teaser trailer which you can watch here. .

It’s definitely darker than the previous two. They’re obviously trying to capture that same feel Christopher Nolan brought to the Batman Begins series. Read More »Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot teaser trailer released