Fantasyland Expansion Construction Update

If my short update from Sunday got you excited, then you’ll love this Fantasyland Construction update from LaughingPlace.com. The tarp is down from the back of Cinderella Castle, and construction is zooming ahead full speed, which you can see from Dumbo for now. Tons of… Read More »Fantasyland Expansion Construction Update

Magic Kingdom Update

Okay, there’s quite a lot to cover in this update from the Magic Kingdom, including some big rumors, so let’s get right to it. First off, the “Let The Memories Begin” campaign has begun and new ephemera is beginning to roll out. First Napkins,

and then cups… and also guide maps (not pictured, alas).

The tour guide courtyard is behind tarps, pretty tarps at least.

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Fantasyland Expansion impact on Magic Kingdom will be huge

The Disney Parks blog recently announced that February 11, 2011 will be the last day to visit Mickey’s Toontown Fair. That’s nice information to have for those planning vacations. Unfortunately, you really have to plan more than 6 months out these days just to get… Read More »Fantasyland Expansion impact on Magic Kingdom will be huge

Attendance: Disneyland Up, Disney World Down – no surprise there

Major outlets are reporting that analysts believe Disneyland increased attendance this year, while Walt Disney World declined. It has to be inferred, because for the first time in recent years, The Walt Disney World company has not revealed resort attendance separately to investors and the… Read More »Attendance: Disneyland Up, Disney World Down – no surprise there

EPCOT adds dining capacity for expected crowds

EPCOT is a park of two unconnected halves, the future and the world. The thread that ties them together is food. Year round there are delicious offerings in unique settings. Plus Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, which this year marks it’s 15th anniversary brings crowds… Read More »EPCOT adds dining capacity for expected crowds

Fantasyland Expansion Underway

Walt Disney World’s next big thing, well after the new version of Star Tours hits, is the coming expansion of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom park. Phase one is scheduled to open in 2013. Permits have been filed with the county, contracts issued, and some… Read More »Fantasyland Expansion Underway

Incredible Fantasyland Expansion Update

Global Disney Pinvestigation has one amazing look at the newly revealed model for the Fantasyland Expansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and what it says about exactly what will be coming with the makeover. Also, spies have spotted that construction trailers have been placed… Read More »Incredible Fantasyland Expansion Update