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Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to return on Disney+ for second season

Disney’s theme parks and resorts are among the top worldwide destinations for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries and “Disney’s Fairy tale Weddings” documents some of the most touching, heart warming, and beautiful of life’s special moments. The second season will join Disney+ and new episodes will… Read More »Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to return on Disney+ for second season

Cinderella Castle Wedding Proposal – See What Happens Next


Kevin and Danielle Jonas celebrate first wedding anniversary at Disney World in Florida

Okay, I feel a little bad about writing a viral-baiting headline and somewhat unrelated photo to get your attention. But I love how Disney goes out of their way to make the magic that much more magical for special occasions.

On Thursday a young man proposed to his bride-to-be in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom right during the Dream Along With Mickey show.

Here’s the video of that special moment:

Come with us below the below the jump to see the magical thing that happened next…

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Swing Couple Engaged at Disneyland

Remember that promotional ‘viral video‘ of a musical marriage proposal on Disneyland Main Street last year? It was pretty cool. But in the end it lacked verisimilitude. Here’s a wedding proposal that is the real thing. Swing kids Jeremy and Laura dance at Disneyland’s Carnation… Read More »Swing Couple Engaged at Disneyland

Sappy “Celebrate” Disney World Video

Just saw this video from Walt Disney World advertising how the new “What will you Celebrate?” campaign is perfect for couples, from engagements to 60th anniversaries and everything thing in between, and was overcome by the sappy happiness of it all. So I had to… Read More »Sappy “Celebrate” Disney World Video