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Swing Couple Engaged at Disneyland

Remember that promotional ‘viral video‘ of a musical marriage proposal on Disneyland Main Street last year? It was pretty cool. But in the end it lacked verisimilitude. Here’s a wedding proposal that is the real thing.

Swing kids Jeremy and Laura dance at Disneyland’s Carnation Gardens as part of the long tradition of Big Band Music in the park. First he made a request for “My Baby’s Sweet” and then after the song (at about 3:46 if you want to jump to the sweet moment) he proposes.

Jeremy Proposes to Laura at Disneyland! from Charley Miller on Vimeo.

Blanche and Don Miller, Rose and Dubby Dublino, and so many other couples have danced, loved, and been loved by friends, family and the giant adopted family that is the swing culture at Disneyland. It makes me happy beyond measure to see it still going strong.

Congrats and a long happy life together to Jeremy and Laura. Thanks for sharing your special moment with us.

5 thoughts on “Swing Couple Engaged at Disneyland”

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  3. This sort of thing is one of the essential ingredients that makes Disneyland (and some other Disney parks) different from other places in the world. When it has the right mix of experiences, including unmatched attractions and guest-initiated moments, it is indeed magical.

  4. what ever happened to Swing at WDW, and more importantly is there any future? There used to be, over a decade ago if my brain’s working this morning, a dance pavilion on the Boardwalk that had swing dance (and lessons), but that’s long since gone.

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