Disneyland Musical Marraige Proposal

What do you think? Was this authentic or just a savvy piece of viral marketing by Disneyland? Read below the cut for my thoughts…

Reportedly there are lots of Cast Members in the crowd, plus all the performers are mic’d and there are some cameras shooting from the roof. Not something your usual tourist ‘magical moment’ gets.

Anyone know Scott and Erika and can fill us in on the deets?

16 thoughts on “Disneyland Musical Marraige Proposal”

  1. I couldn’t even watch half of this. While the proposal MAY have been legit, the production was too ridiculously polished and plastic.

  2. I think it could very well be real!
    If they were both former cast members then its quite possible that they got some current CMs that they are friends with to put all of that together. Especially if they are of the theatrical type. Who knows…maybe they were performers at the MK and its just what they do!

    But if it is just a marketing tool, then its a very cute one!

  3. I agree with Ron, way too polished and cheesy to be real. Gotta be a setup of some sort – maybe they are cast members, and he wanted to set this up and someone upstairs thought it sounded like a good production bit. That’s only a maybe, trying to keep the “disney magic” in it somehow.

  4. At best, it’s a legit proposal that was heavily pre-planned with the active involvement of Disneyland management. If it is for real, though, the not-so-subtle mention of the summer Nightastic promotion is pretty distasteful. I wouldn’t want to turn my proposal into a commercial.

  5. I think that it was fixed, but I don’t think that the girl knew about it. (Just look at her face!) But overall, it was planed with Disney’s help, but without her!

  6. Looks like the whole thing was staged while the park was closed as an attempt to create a viral video.

  7. Just discovered this video this evening. Isn’t the girl in the wheelchair from the Aladdin show in DCA?

    It has been a few weeks since this showed up. Any more info on authenticity?

    I think it is real, but obviously done with management approval.

  8. I think this is a legit proposal, and it was probably planned by the entertainment staff. Those are definitely people from the Aladdin musical in there, and overall I do think management would let them do this kind of thing so long as they could be convinced it would help the image of the park. It probably was very late in the hour, and I’m going to guess they’re both cast members.

    People who work at the parks are incredibly cheesy and I wouldn’t put this past them a bit.

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  10. Hilarious how some people on other forums say “oh it’s fake, because how did random tourists know the words?” There are a few things that seem obvious: it was rehearsed. It was done with Disney resources. It was done with Disney cast members. Disney cast members were in the audience and in on the stunt. None of that answers whether or not they actually got engaged or if it was purely an act.

  11. Obviously, the scam is that the man and actors placed in the audience are rehearsed, and the girl and most of the audience aren’t in on it. But yes, it’s fake. Here’s a video that shows two performances, both containing the girl.

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