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Hall of President Previews at Magic Kingdom


Yesterday the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom had previews for Cast Members, Annual Passholders and DVC members, and then opened to the regular guest as well. It was the debut of a new script, a new show, and a couple new Audio Animatronic including, of course, the much anticipated Robobama.

All in all, I was impressed with the new Hall of Presidents show. It is definitely a change in direction from the old version. The new audio-animatronics are impressive in their range of motion and the smoothness in which they transition from gesture to gesture. They’re still not quite approaching the ‘uncanny valley‘ (and that may be deliberate).

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The 11AM show for Annual Passholders and DVC Members filled the 600+ seat theater almost 3/4 of the way. When I came back later in the day, and every guest was allowed in, the theater almost filled up. Both shows had moments when the audience applauded moments from the show (such as after President Barack Obama is announced by the narrator).

I’ll come back tonight with a much longer post and my analysis of the show. But I wanted to get these photos up for those who couldn’t make it themselves.

The attraction is still undergoing some finetuning. So it may not be open between now and the fourth of July. But general expectations are that it will be except for July 3rd when it will be busy for an event most of the day.

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