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Cinderella Castle Wedding Proposal – See What Happens Next


Kevin and Danielle Jonas celebrate first wedding anniversary at Disney World in Florida

Okay, I feel a little bad about writing a viral-baiting headline and somewhat unrelated photo to get your attention. But I love how Disney goes out of their way to make the magic that much more magical for special occasions.

On Thursday a young man proposed to his bride-to-be in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom right during the Dream Along With Mickey show.

Here’s the video of that special moment:

Come with us below the below the jump to see the magical thing that happened next…

Turns out some ‘friends’ from the show wanted to meet them.

I love how Snow White and Snow White’s Prince stay in character throughout, even right after a performance. What a great way to kick off a relationship together and a real magical moment from Disney. Follow the whole story on the Temporary Tourist facebook page.

What was your most magical moment at Walt Disney World?

1 thought on “Cinderella Castle Wedding Proposal – See What Happens Next”

  1. Oh, this is too cute!!! :’D I would be so happy if my boyfriend had gotten this done for our proposal… Snow White was one of my first favorite Disney movies, my first favorite Disney Princess, and her prince is my current favorite Disney Prince. :3 Oh, I would definitely want to ask everyone to join in with me singing “One Song”. <3
    "One song, I have but one song
    One song, only for you
    One love my heart keeps singing
    Ever entreating, constant, and true…" etc.

    I have yet to have a moment quite like this at a Disney Park, but I have had a few magical ones nonetheless. :)

    But most magical of all was the encounter that changed my life.

    I grew up kind of unsure of what profession/job I wanted to pursue, but when I was 9, on that first trip to Disney World, my parents paid for a tour through the animation building. On that tour, I saw something that made me think twice about what I wanted to pursue. The movie in production at that time was Lilo & Stitch. Our guide picked up a beautifully done animation cel of Stitch reading The Ugly Duckling to the baby ducks, and told us who he was and what the movie was about (this was months before even TV commercials were released).

    Right after this, I saw a single woman come in on the lower level where all the computers and cubicles were, sit down in one, turn on the computer and begin working on something.

    It was at this point in time that I had my first real exposure to the art of animation. I wanted to be down there with that woman working on a production like Lilo & Stitch. I had found where I belonged. But Disney means perseverance and hard work, and perseverance and hard work means laziness is left behind and forgotten. :P (I became Lilo & Stitch's number one fan after I saw the completed production. I say this because a character I had created was taken up by Disney for the TV series because she was so well thought out.)

    ((Although I don't like it when people online nowadays go on about how Stitch shouldn't be interested in her at all because they're "cousins". I pitched her to Disney because of the fact that Stitch's cousins are not actually related to him or one another, at least not by blood, and I realized this at a young age. The people that yammer about it now are about my same age, so at the same time I hate it, it makes me laugh. I was a smart kid.))

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