Five Tips to Improve Your Theme Park Photograph from Nikon, Disney Park’s Official Camera Partner


Nikon is the new official camera of Disney Parks. As part of that relationship all the old Kodak Photo Spot signs are transitioning to Nikon Picture Spot sponsorship. It’s sad really, because Kodak relationship goes back to the very early days of Disneyland. But Kodak was too slow to transition from film to digital, despite being early innovators in the digital space. No use crying over spilled developer fluid, I guess. .

I’m always trying to improve my photography, so I thought I would head over to Nikon’s USA website and see what tips they have for theme park guests who want to get that great shot. Besides, buy a Nikon, of course. They don’t have anything specifically about theme parks. But there are a few articles that might apply.

Here are five beginners tips that will help you return home with better vacation photos:

  1. Heading to a Water Park? Here are 5 tips to better underwater photography.
  2. This is my favorite tip to try myself. Find a different angle for that really great shot. Everyone has a photo of Cinderella Castle head-on, but move around a bit to find some really great photos.
  3. Eating is a big part of any Disney vacation. So here are some tips to take better food shots.
  4. Okay this tip is for a playground, not a theme park, but the general rules still apply. Taking better shots of kids at play.
  5. Finally, they’re often overlooked, but also get their chance to really shine with a festival of their own, Disney’s Horticultural team. They work hard to create beautiful gardens for you to photograph, so thank them by learning how to take great garden photos with this tip.

And no, this was not a sponsored post. Just something in an area where I know I can improve. I hope you find these tips useful on your next trip. Don’t wait until you’re on the ground in Anaheim or Orlando, practice them at home before you come.

If you have a favorite theme park photography tip, I’d love to read it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Five Tips to Improve Your Theme Park Photograph from Nikon, Disney Park’s Official Camera Partner”

  1. I am NOT a photographer. I call myself the picture taker but I have no skill. I’ll just give my two cents. Always take the photo – even if it seems overdone or too cliché because, especially at Disney, something is always different.

    And if you see someone taking a photo of their family, especially if it’s a mama, offer to take it for her. Trust me, they rarely turn you down. Sometimes, this is the only way there is evidence that we were even there. (Sidenote: This is why I’m SUCH a big fan of photopass. I LOVE pictures and having some professional quality ones with me in them? Worth.Every.Penny).

  2. Wow, truly the end of an era. Is “the Kodak moment” going to change to “the Nikon moment” in our vernacular? I suspect not. . . So sad that Kodak persisted in being a film and camera company when they really should have been an imaging company. . .

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