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More Howling Reviews

A quick list of some other Howl’s Moving Castle reviews from the blogosphere. To start read Onigiriman’s take on the film with some insightful analysis of the characters. AnimeCrystals saw the film and wonders what was left out during the translation from the novel. Serendipty thinks the movie was a huge departure from Miyazaki’s previous… Read More »More Howling Reviews

The return of CC Browns?

When Disney decided to sell/license its Disney Store properties one of the questions was what would happen to the flagship stores. Well 5th Avenue convered to a ‘World of Disney’ property. But there was a lessor known store on Hollywood Blvd right next to the El Capitan (the host of many Disney movie premieres). The… Read More »The return of CC Browns?

Herbie has fans!

With the premier of Herbie: Fully Loaded you are probably just itching for another Herbie the Lovebug fix. Well the folks at have your back. Among the many great stories, they have pictures of the Movie Cars, many of which are now in private collections and a registry if you have an original or… Read More »Herbie has fans!

Lindsay Lohan Blog X:”Kisses everyone” at Herbie Premiere

What’s Lindsay Lohan doing these days? Now that she’s declared her own Cooney-esque war on the aggressive papparatzi, now that she’s shed way too many pounds off her previously pleasantly shaped body, what comes next? How about the world premiere of Herbie: Fully Loaded. Kaci Christian steps in this week to do the red carpet… Read More »Lindsay Lohan Blog X:”Kisses everyone” at Herbie Premiere

Herbie: Fully Loaded

The movie premiere looked like fun. No celebrities were sprayed in the face with water. And reviews are trickling in. Will Lindsay Lohan and Herbie, the lovable bug himself, be able to pull in viewers during this downward trend at the box office? Maybe NASCAR Nation will turn out to see their favorite drivers on… Read More »Herbie: Fully Loaded

Walt Disney: The Greatest American

The Discovery Channel’s Greatest American series looks at the top 100 greatest americans. There is an element of public voting for the top five that begins today. I suggest that if you’re a fan of Walt Disney then you need to head on over to his page and place your vote for him as the… Read More »Walt Disney: The Greatest American

Computer Animator? Disney’s hiring

Embarked on a course that leaves traditional hand drawn animation to the film vaults, and most of its former animators on the streets, the Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios finds itself short staffed when it comes to talented Computer Animators. In fact, their recent seminar at SIGGRAPH doubled as a recruiting session. So if you… Read More »Computer Animator? Disney’s hiring

Blink before riding: Steps to better decision making at Disney World

It is difficult to speculate exactly what happened yesterday to cause the sad death of a young boy at Walt Disney World. Eventually the autopsy will reveal whether the attraction had anything to do with the death. It may not have. I do not mean to accuse the family or Disney Management of misdeeds, but I do wonder what a 4-year old was doing on Mission Space (M:S) at Epcot.

M:S is one of the most intense experiences available to guests visiting Walt Disney World. So what would lead a family to want to take their young child on it? Which warnings did they see and which did they miss? How can we give a family more information before they make their decision to join the queue? All questions that need to be answered to make the Disney World experience as safe as possible for all guests.

Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror probably qualifies as the most intense experience availabe to guests at the four Walt Disney World themeparks. Not only does the name imply its intensity, but as you approach the attraction to ride you can see exactly what happens to guests already on board as they plummet faster than gravity and then are jerked back up only to be pulled back down again repeated times. If the visual clues aren’t enough, the screams of terror is another signal. Those with weak constitutions know by these indicators to stay away. Parents with questions can see what happens during the ride and can judge if their child is appropriate for the attraction. At least that should work in theory.

Read More »Blink before riding: Steps to better decision making at Disney World