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The return of CC Browns?

When Disney decided to sell/license its Disney Store properties one of the questions was what would happen to the flagship stores. Well 5th Avenue convered to a ‘World of Disney’ property. But there was a lessor known store on Hollywood Blvd right next to the El Capitan (the host of many Disney movie premieres). The most recent premier for The Love Bug… er Herbie: Fully Loaded also saw the opening of the new Disney’s Soda Fountain & Studio Store.

I think this is a good thing, for although the Decor is different, it’s great to have a soda fountain return to Hollywood. It echos to the days when movie stars were ‘discovered’ and the Hot Fudge Sundae was still new to the American public. Speaking of which, I’m really hoping the Disney Soda Fountain‘s Hot Fudge Sundae lives up to the legend of CC Brown’s, Hollywood’s original soda fountain and inventor of the Hot Fudge Sundae.

3 thoughts on “The return of CC Browns?”

  1. Nice thoughts, but the Original CC Browns (creator of the ice cream sundae) was across the street and on the next block west. I have yet to check out the new fountain at ElCap, but I looked inside asile they were building it and it looks awsome!

  2. My grandfather and CC Brown were good buddies in early days of Hollywood. His hot fudge sauce was a staple in my father’s childhood and mine. My 83 year old mom is eagerly searching for CC Brown’s hot fudge to bring back the taste of her childhood in Hollywood. I cannot seem to find any for her. Can someone help me? (Too bad Disney didn’t purchase the recipe and actually use it in their soda fountain shop.)
    Any help would be appreciated.
    L. Vick

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