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Last day of

Just a reminder that today is the last day for There’s a lot of great material up there that I hope someone is archiving. If you are archiving, go ahead and send me the link and I’ll add it to the sidebar.

Sky High, a hit for Disney?

Sky High did okay for itself at the box office this weekend earning a respectable 3rd place and $14.6 million for its debut. The film is well on its way to recouping its estimated $40 million production costs. No, it’s not a big summer hit for Disney, but it is a film you can take… Read More »Sky High, a hit for Disney?

Mickey’s cousin Micky?

From PBS’ History Dectectives comes the story of a mouse toy named Micky patented in 1926. But wait you say, isn’t that two years before Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney’s beloved icon was first unleashed in Steamboat Willie? Why yes it was. Read the full transcript of the show (in PDF) then click below for more…

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Sky High, man

Tucked in among the July 24th ‘Live‘ photos on are a few photos from the world premier of Disney’s Sky High, a PG rated popcorn flick that follows the fortunes of a superhero family as their son enters the High School for superheros, only without any superpowers. Sound like something you’d go see? Well… Read More »Sky High, man

Virtual Disneyworld: Constructed One Pixel At A Time

At some point in the last few years we’ve leaped over the technological sound barrier that left 3D computer modelling solely in the hands of those who could afford the really powerful computers. We have the Adventure Through Inner Space DVD, an excellent recreation of the infamous ‘snogging’ ride. We also have the Haunted Mansion… Read More »Virtual Disneyworld: Constructed One Pixel At A Time

Disable Girl Urges Theme park Boycott

The headline for this story caught my eye: Disabled girl barred from theme park rides I remembered one woman, an annual passholder at Disneyland, who drove her motorized wheelchair recklessly, was repeatedly warned about it, then was banned for a period of time. So I thought it might be something like that. Turns out this… Read More »Disable Girl Urges Theme park Boycott

Eisner admits he’s no Hemingway

One of the things I like about Eisner is that behind the facade of a tough, often out-of-touch, back-stabbing, Hollywood executive is the soul of a privileged white kid who spent his summers at camp for privileged white kids. Michael thinks that’s why everybody likes him. In fact, he’s written a book about it and… Read More »Eisner admits he’s no Hemingway

Academy Animation Seminar worth attending

The Animated Performance: Art Meets Technology promises to be a thought-provoking presentation dedicated to the science and technology behind the art of animation. Brought to you by the wonderful folks at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, you can attend on Friday July 29th at 7:30pm for just $5.00 ($3… Read More »Academy Animation Seminar worth attending