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easter eggs

How many Hidden Secrets of The Incredibles do you know?

Can you believe it’s been nearly 13 years since Pixar’s The Incredibles debuted to adoring audiences everywhere. The film followed the adventures of the Parr family, a family of supers forced into hiding when the public turns against them. Mr. Incredible, Elastagirl and their children… Read More »How many Hidden Secrets of The Incredibles do you know?

Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs

A few days before Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy stormed into theaters, Wired Magazine featured a video with quite a few Marvel Easter Eggs explained from “Iron Man” all the way to “Thor: The Dark World,” because those are the Marvel movies that have been out on DVD. I love all the Stan Lee cameos.

After Guardians of the Galaxy came out a few sources came through with a list of easter eggs hidden in that movie. Slashfilm has the most comprehensive list so far with 50. But if you don’t have that sort of time, head below the jump for a shorter video that explains many of them

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Pixar Movie Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

Fans of Pixar’s amazing films have been known to obsessively comb over every scene looking for hidden clues and in-jokes placed there by the animators. These are usually called ‘Easter Eggs.’ With that holiday coming up soon, Disney has introduced a tie-in virtual Easter Egg… Read More »Pixar Movie Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

Star Tours – Inside Jokes, Tributes, Remnants, Homages

Part of what makes the new Star Tours so awesome, for me at least, is the incredible level of inside jokes, easter eggs, cookies, remnants, and homages. Probably this is because I publish a book of such tributes (Walt Disney World Hidden History: Remnants of Former Attractions and Other Tributes).

Here’s what we’ve been able to find so far, listed “chronologically” as we progress through the queue and ride. It should be noted that numerous posters on a couple Disney fan sites helped me by adding to my initial list with new items, that are now folded in:


THX1138. On the terminal boarding announcements, watch the bottom of the screen for Flight 1138 to Chandrila. There’s also a verbal announcement for landspeeder THX1138, an echo (though a new recording) of a similar announcement pre-rehab.

Fantasy in the Sky fireworks. One video on the large viewscreen mentions Fantasy in the Sky, a reference to the longtime fireworks show at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.

George Lucas. One verbal terminal announcement pages Egroeg Sacul (George Lucas), a holdover announcement from the ride’s previous incarnation.

Tom Morrow. Another verbal announcement mentions Mot Worrom (Tom Morrow backwards), which honors an Audio-Animatronics figure from Tomorrowland’s past (at Disneyland, more than one!)

NCC-1701. Just before reaching the large overhead screen, look to your right for white circle designs in the wall. One is labeled in red font with N1C7C01 – an ‘every other letter’ cipher for the number designation of Star Trek’s Enterprise, NCC-1701.

C3PO and R2D2. Another circle design in this same location uses a backward cipher for the droid names.

Tony Baxter. In the corner just below (just after) the overhead screen, look for lettering in dim light saying TWB3000. This is in deference to Senior Vice President of Creative Development at WDI Tony Wayne Baxter, and the old Star Tours flight number 3000.

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