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Splitsville construction Nov 2012

Downtown Disney Orlando – Photo Update

Splitsville construction Nov 2012

While at the Festival of the Masters last weekend, I took some photos of changes at Downtown Disney Orlando. Alas, I had to shoot around the artist booths a bit, but there are still a few major projects underway that we need to check in with.

Up first is Splitsville. It’s scheduled to be open in less than a month, but the exterior looks a long ways off to me.

Here’s a quick preview video for the location:

You may have heard that the Seven Dwarfs are getting a new mountain in New Fantasyland, but that’s not the only mountain being added to Walt Disney World. Rainforest Cafe has replaced their volcano with a new version that the promise will be very exciting. After a long wait, they’ve even started adding rock work to the steel skeleton of the mountain.Read More »Downtown Disney Orlando – Photo Update

Photo Update – Downtown Disney Orlando

It’s been awhile since we dropped in on Downtown Disney to see what’s new. As it turns out, nothing major. Splitsville is still under construction with almost no change to the facade, although that will have to happen soon if they want open later this year as they’ve announced. They have been going at it inside. The escalators are now gone in what will be the two-story bowling alley / lounge.

Rainforest Cafe is still working on a new volcano that will actually erupt with a lava flow.

In theory, it will look like this:

Disney has yet to announce plans for what will replace Hyperion Wharf, the concept that was originally planned to replace Pleasure Island. But so far no activity on the spot formerly occupied by a couple of night clubs.

Our tour continues below the jump:

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