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Downtown Disney Orlando – Photo Update

Splitsville construction Nov 2012

While at the Festival of the Masters last weekend, I took some photos of changes at Downtown Disney Orlando. Alas, I had to shoot around the artist booths a bit, but there are still a few major projects underway that we need to check in with.

Up first is Splitsville. It’s scheduled to be open in less than a month, but the exterior looks a long ways off to me.

Here’s a quick preview video for the location:

You may have heard that the Seven Dwarfs are getting a new mountain in New Fantasyland, but that’s not the only mountain being added to Walt Disney World. Rainforest Cafe has replaced their volcano with a new version that the promise will be very exciting. After a long wait, they’ve even started adding rock work to the steel skeleton of the mountain.

Christmas decorations were up at many locations. There is a new theme this year for the Pleasure Island area.

Finally, you might finally start seeing more Oswald Ears around the resort. They’re now on sale at Once Upon A Toy Store.

That’s it for this short update. Thanks for reading The Disney Blog.