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Downtown Disney Orlando – Photo Update

Splitsville construction Nov 2012

While at the Festival of the Masters last weekend, I took some photos of changes at Downtown Disney Orlando. Alas, I had to shoot around the artist booths a bit, but there are still a few major projects underway that we need to check in with.

Up first is Splitsville. It’s scheduled to be open in less than a month, but the exterior looks a long ways off to me.

Here’s a quick preview video for the location:

You may have heard that the Seven Dwarfs are getting a new mountain in New Fantasyland, but that’s not the only mountain being added to Walt Disney World. Rainforest Cafe has replaced their volcano with a new version that the promise will be very exciting. After a long wait, they’ve even started adding rock work to the steel skeleton of the mountain.

Christmas decorations were up at many locations. There is a new theme this year for the Pleasure Island area.

Finally, you might finally start seeing more Oswald Ears around the resort. They’re now on sale at Once Upon A Toy Store.

That’s it for this short update. Thanks for reading The Disney Blog.

3 thoughts on “Downtown Disney Orlando – Photo Update”

  1. Previously existing Splitsville locations deny all people under the age of 21 access to their facilities after 8:00pm. I’d be interested to know whether or not they plan on continuing this legacy of discrimination in their new Downtown Disney location. One would think that such a policy would be particularly troublesome due to its location in Walt Disney World, a property so renowned for its family entertainment. Hopefully Splitsville chooses to do the right thing and make an exception to their policy for at least this particular location.

    1. What?! Wasn’t Pleasure Island (in its original form) doing the same thing?

      As an over-21 adult, I don’t mind if Disney has a few places that are only for us. We like to have fun at Disney, too, ya know…

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