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Disneyland Resort

Remain Seated Please

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If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around, does it still make a sound? If someone does something like trip on a curb, is that news?  Normally, no.  But if someone has a mundane accident like that on Disney property, it can be considered newsworthy by the local news outlets. The Orange… Read More »Remain Seated Please

Business Week on Former Disney Exec

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Louise Lee at Business Week tells us about "Paul Pressler’s Fall From The Gap."  Paul Pressler was at The Disney Store before becoming Disneyland Resort President, and then to Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, which included the Disney Cruise line and Walt Disney Imagineering.  Some of this article sounds awfully familiar. The immediate post-mortem analysis:… Read More »Business Week on Former Disney Exec

That Took Longer Than I Thought It Would

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In what has to be among the most expected news in corporate business, Gap brand president Cynthia Harriss, who followed Paul Pressler from The Disney Stores to the Disneyland Resort to The Gap, Inc., has left following the resignation of Paul Pressler as CEO of The Gap, Inc. Following Harriss’ departure, four of the remaining… Read More »That Took Longer Than I Thought It Would

Southern California Theme Parks Love Halloween

Kimi Yoshino of the Los Angeles Times takes a look at the Halloween-themed events at the Los Angeles/Orange County theme parks: At Knott’s, Universal and Six Flags Magic Mountain, the nighttime events are billed as super-scary, with park employees in macabre costumes doing their best to frighten visitors. Six Flags and Knott’s also have more… Read More »Southern California Theme Parks Love Halloween

Investing in Anaheim

Sarah Tully of The Orange County Register brings us a short update accompanied by an informative map pointing out recent and new projects around the Disneyland Resort. A big-time building boom is under way by the Anaheim Convention Center and Disney parks as a record number of tourists visit five years after 9/11 spurred a… Read More »Investing in Anaheim

Breaking: Crash at California Adventure Coaster

There has been a crash on California Screamin’ the big coaster at California Adventure, the second gate at Disneyland Resort. TV images and reports indicate that one train stopped partially out of the final braking zone and a second train ran into the back of it. The LA Times reports that over 60 guests were… Read More »Breaking: Crash at California Adventure Coaster

Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time

I’m not going to track the happenings at Disneyland minute by minute today. If you’re interested in that I recommend visiting But I thought it was interesting that reports have already surfaced about there being 20,000 people in line to get into Disneyland by 3AM Pacific Time. They’ve queued them up inside DCA and… Read More »Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time

New Laughing Place Magazine

Disney themeparks around the world are now flooded with signage and merchandise (see the LaughingPlace Store for the best selection) to honor Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. But the one collectible publication everyone will need this year isn’t even produced by the Walt Disney Company. Nope. It’s issue two of the new magazine Tales from the Laughing… Read More »New Laughing Place Magazine