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Southern California Theme Parks Love Halloween

Kimi Yoshino of the Los Angeles Times takes a look at the Halloween-themed events at the Los Angeles/Orange County theme parks:

At Knott’s, Universal and Six Flags Magic Mountain, the nighttime events are billed as super-scary, with park employees in macabre costumes doing their best to frighten visitors. Six Flags and Knott’s also have more youth-oriented Halloween offerings during the day.

Disneyland said it would focus solely on its strength: family entertainment.

Disneyland Park has tried moving in to the market before, with Mickey’s Halloween Treat, the popular Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion overlay, and even a disastrous special event with a local radio station.  If this year works out, look for the Disneyland seasons to be broken into: Rehab, Summer, Halloween, Christmas.  If Disney really wants to go all-out every year, they should get Animation and Imagineering involved some more.

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