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Remain Seated Please

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If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around, does it still make a sound?

If someone does something like trip on a curb, is that news?  Normally, no.  But if someone has a mundane accident like that on Disney property, it can be considered newsworthy by the local news outlets.

The Orange County Register is reporting that two people were "hurt" when they fell off of a Disneyland Resort parking tram that was going about five miles per hour.

It would be more interesting to find out how long it took Barry Novack to contact the "hurt" guests.

In California, theme park attractions are now "common carriers", meaning they are supposed to be like buses and other forms of transit where there is an expectation that your ride will be comfortable and not put any sort of strain on your body.  I could understand parking trams being in this category, but think it is a ridiculous requirement for things like thrill rides.  It’s just another way to make it easier to get money out of theme parks through lawsuits and threats of lawsuits.