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1960s Disneyland Home Video

Mikey Walters, a previous guest author on this blog and owner of his own wonderful WEBmikey blog, has recently posted a new WEBmikey clip on Youtube. This one features clips from his family’s home movies of Disneyland from the early to mid 1960s. You’ll see great footage of the original Submarine Ride, peoplemover, monorail, and more. The home movies even show a unique historical fact of "it’s a small world", the attraction originally loaded from the inside (the left of the boats) and guests would exit out the right. Exactly the opposite of how the attraction is loaded today.

Dig those fashions. Hope you enjoyed that.

3 thoughts on “1960s Disneyland Home Video”

  1. Hi, this is WEBmikey (the kid who was too scared to go in the Haunted Mansion) – thanks for the kind words, John! I’m glad people have been enjoying the video. After consulting with the experts (my parents), the first half of the video was shot in 1969, and the second half was 1970. Hope that helps!

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