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Images from of Coaster Collision

This image from (more images with the story) shows the two roller coaster trains together. The Purple train ran into the back of the red train that sits to the right of the image. They are in a braking zone. The railing on the right of the track is an emergency unloading zone if… Read More »Images from of Coaster Collision

Disney Animation Model Sheets

If you’re an aspiring animation artist you probably spend at least a part of your time copying other people’s work. Well has a wealth of Disney Animation Model Sheets and sketches for you to practice on. Be sure to see the sketches from Aida and Don Quixote, two films that never made it out… Read More »Disney Animation Model Sheets

Busch Garden Denies Amputee, is Sued

Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida is facing a lawsuit from an amputee who wasn’t allowed to ride Montu, a roller-coaster where guests sit and legs dangle as they travel through multiple loops. This time its businessman Cary Frounfelter who manufacturers and sells artificial limbs. Frounfelter was taken off the ride while his 10-year old daughter… Read More »Busch Garden Denies Amputee, is Sued

Haunted Mansion Model Completed!

Remember I told you about the 3D CGI model of Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. Remember that you could use the renderings to print out and make your own paper model of the frightfully scary Manse? Well Danny has just finished his and it looks awesome. Oh honey? What have you done with the X-acto… Read More »Haunted Mansion Model Completed!

Your First Visit to Disneyland

With the Magic Kingdom for a backyard, relatives frequently found themselves "in town for a weekend." I quickly lost track of how many visits my family made during the course of those early summers. Even after moving away, I’ve found ways to return and trip the lights fantastic in Tomorrowland and take a flight of… Read More »Your First Visit to Disneyland

Virtual Disneyworld: Constructed One Pixel At A Time

At some point in the last few years we’ve leaped over the technological sound barrier that left 3D computer modelling solely in the hands of those who could afford the really powerful computers. We have the Adventure Through Inner Space DVD, an excellent recreation of the infamous ‘snogging’ ride. We also have the Haunted Mansion… Read More »Virtual Disneyworld: Constructed One Pixel At A Time

Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

There are reports that Disney Cast Members are now searching monorails for abandoned packages. It’s nice to know they’re doing this on the monorails and, I hope, the trains/buses/boats that also transport guests around the Walt Disney World property. A few years ago I was riding the train at Disneyland and boarded an empty car… Read More »Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

Looking Stone Faced

The 2005 Gathering of the Gargoyles – the only floating convention by fans, for fans of Disney’s Gargoyles is about to invade Las Vegas. Yes, that Disney Afternoon Cartoon series that debuted in 1994 still has a posse. With a list of voice talent that reads like a Star Trek reunion (Michael Dorn, Nichelle Nichols,… Read More »Looking Stone Faced