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disney safety

Missing Cruise Worker Story Takes an Odd Turn

Some late news on the sad tale of the missing Disney Cruise Line crew member from the Disney Wonder. Apparently, there has been some activity on her credit card. Police have asked the crew member’s family to report any additional activity on her bank records… Read More »Missing Cruise Worker Story Takes an Odd Turn

Facebook Scam Warning

Via ClickOrlando we learn of a new scam that’s promising ‘secrets of Disney’s Animation’ on a new facebook page. But it’s really a clever copy designed to open up your computer to malware and viral software. If you’re ever in doubt, I recommend checking google,… Read More »Facebook Scam Warning

String of Transportation Accidents continues at WDW

Can we please stop with the WDW transportation accidents. We’ve had monorail troubles, bus problems ranging from crashes to old GPS transponders being mistaken for a bomb, and even a cast member being struck by a car from the Tomorrowland Speedway. I’m afraid to ask… Read More »String of Transportation Accidents continues at WDW

Disney Bus Bomb Scare – The Wrap Up

Ah-ha! We know what it is. The Orlando Sentinel was first to break the news that the mysterious device that shut down the entire Disney World Transportation Bus System was a harmless tire pressure monitor with remote monitoring capabilities. This device was installed by Disney… Read More »Disney Bus Bomb Scare – The Wrap Up

Coda to the Disney World Bus System Bomb Scare

I wanted to put a little coda on the recent Bomb Scare that hit the Walt Disney World bus transportation system. As mentioned in the updated version of my previous coverage, the item was determined to be non-hazardous. Since then the sheriff department has said… Read More »Coda to the Disney World Bus System Bomb Scare

Walt Disney World is declared StormReady

We’re still a few months away from Hurricane season, but preparation for storms is always ongoing at Walt Disney World. Disney has a “Hurricane Policy” (not yet updated for 2009) for their Magic Your Way Guests whose vacation might be affected by a severe storm, but what else do they do?

With picture-perfect skies outside his window most days, Walt Disney World Emergency Operations Coordinator Eric Alberts dedicates his time to preparing for inclement weather. “Safety for everybody that works or stays here is our top priority,” Alberts says as he checks the latest forecasts.

By expertly planning for severe weather in advance, Walt Disney World Resort made history in 2006 as the first theme park and resort area to be recognized by the National Weather Service as a StormReady® Community. Committed to maintaining its leadership in emergency management, Walt Disney World Resort just renewed its StormReady status through 2012 and remains the only recognized commercial site in Florida. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Ca. has also earned recognition as StormReady.

Read More »Walt Disney World is declared StormReady