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What happens if you break your leg at Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Please tell me this isn’t typical of how Disney treats their injured guests. August 14th 2008 started out as a great day at Blizzard Beach for Adam, but when he got stuck on a water slide, he severely injured his leg to the point where he couldn’t put any weight on it. What was Disney’s response? First it took over 15 minutes to get to him. (15 minutes? I could walk across Blizzard Beach twice in that time. It’s small) Then they simply handed him a brochure with some nearby ‘urgent care’ health locations.

Turns out Adam had broken his Fibula and injured his ankle. This is a pretty serious injury that you would think Disney would want to know about to, at the least, ensure the safe operation of their attraction and as a responsible operator, help Adam with his health care bills not covered by insurance. But according to Adam, Disney’s response was less than helpful.

The full story is on Consumerist. Hopefully someone might read this and follow up with Adam properly.

I had a similar thing happen to my family when my son suffered an injury after falling down at EPCOT. The nurses were at least nice and did what they could to help, including providing a voucher for a new t-shirt to replace our bloody one, before handing us the brochure. The closest urgent care location is just off property and we were well taken care off once we got there.

The sad thing is, since this didn’t result in an overnight hospital stay, it probably won’t even be reported by Disney on their quarterly injury report to the state.