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disney moms panel

Taking the whole family on a ‘grand’ vacation to Walt Disney World

It began around the Millennium Celebration, Walt Disney World finally recognized that multi-generational families were a larger market segment. They started to build more rooms that were capable of sleeping more than 4 and even started showing more multi-generational families in their marketing. The call… Read More »Taking the whole family on a ‘grand’ vacation to Walt Disney World

Disney Moms Panel Fan Event A Treat

Former Panel Members and Fans

Former Panel Members and fans pose for photos

We’re currently in the 5th year of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel social media outreach effort from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It started as a small panel of terrific travel planners (including a few Disney Dads) and has grown to really represent a large portion of Disney’s social media efforts. The whole experience now includes an expanded Disney mom’s network, a yearly convention and other events to go along with the online travel advice forum.

Checkin Line

Before the event about 300 fans checked in and got acquainted on the 2nd floor of the Contemporary

I believe this is the fourth year for the Fan Appreciation event. It happens around the weekend of October 1st and is usually a small affair. But this year they brought in over 50 current and former members of the Disney Moms Panel and invited around 300 fans to the top of the Contemporary Hotel for a luncheon.

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Becoming a Disney World Mom

Word leaked on twitter last night that the application process to become a member of the 2011 Disney World Moms Panel would open on Sept 13th. This would be the fourth group empaneled. The Disney Moms Panel lets real Moms (and Dads) provide the answers… Read More »Becoming a Disney World Mom

Disney’s growing Social Media efforts

Lee Aase attended a speech by Duncan Wardle, Sr VP Disney Global PR, on Disney Park’s social media efforts. It’s worth a read. This was a very interesting presentation. If big brands like Disney are realizing they need to cede control of their messages (or… Read More »Disney’s growing Social Media efforts