Disney’s The Lion King in 4DX Review

This week while the rest of the world helped drive Disney’s The Lion King to a kingly $543.6 million global total at the box office, I watched the movie in a 4DX theater, courtesy a pair of complimentary media tickets. I wasn’t alone, the theater… Read More »Disney’s The Lion King in 4DX Review

Is 3-D Cinema Failing Again?

The’s Ben Fritz reports “3-D Starting to Look Flat at the Box Office“. The ratio of grosses in theaters with 3-D screens to those that are 2-D only has declined significantly and fairly consistently since “My Bloody Valentine,” the first film this year to… Read More »Is 3-D Cinema Failing Again?

Cinema Interruptus by Roger Ebert

Cinema Interruptus is the analysis of a film “one shot at a time” as described by Roger Ebert in his latest column. It’s incrediblyly information rich, as you can tell. visual compositions have “intrinsic weighting.” By that I believe he means that certain areas of… Read More »Cinema Interruptus by Roger Ebert