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Review: ‘Lightyear’ is a Sci-Fi Ride Made for the Big Screen

Pixar returns to theaters in a big way this week with Lightyear, the Angus MacLane-directed origin story of everybody’s favourite space ranger. This is the movie, we are told, that Toy Story’s Andy would have seen. To nobody’s surprise, Lightyear is powerfully animated. Scenes of… Read More »Review: ‘Lightyear’ is a Sci-Fi Ride Made for the Big Screen

Disney’s The Lion King in 4DX Review

This week while the rest of the world helped drive Disney’s The Lion King to a kingly $543.6 million global total at the box office, I watched the movie in a 4DX theater, courtesy a pair of complimentary media tickets. I wasn’t alone, the theater… Read More »Disney’s The Lion King in 4DX Review

Is 3-D Cinema Failing Again?

The’s Ben Fritz reports “3-D Starting to Look Flat at the Box Office“. The ratio of grosses in theaters with 3-D screens to those that are 2-D only has declined significantly and fairly consistently since “My Bloody Valentine,” the first film this year to… Read More »Is 3-D Cinema Failing Again?

Cinema Interruptus by Roger Ebert

Cinema Interruptus is the analysis of a film “one shot at a time” as described by Roger Ebert in his latest column. It’s incrediblyly information rich, as you can tell. visual compositions have “intrinsic weighting.” By that I believe he means that certain areas of… Read More »Cinema Interruptus by Roger Ebert

May 2009 3-D Film War Averted

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And March will get a boost a big movie month. Josh Friedman reports in the Los Angeles Times that DreamWorks Animation, which has its films distributed by Viacom’s Paramount, is moving the release of "Monsters vs. Aliens" up to March 27, 2009 to give it some time on the limted number of 3-D screens before… Read More »May 2009 3-D Film War Averted

Movie News: 3-D and a New Studio

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Two pieces of movie news in today’s Los Angeles Times caught my attention. Lorenza Muñoz explores the coming competition for the biggest 3-D movie in 2009 between News Corp’s 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animation for Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of the summer movie season in the U.S. DreamWorks’ "Monsters vs. Aliens" will… Read More »Movie News: 3-D and a New Studio