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CBS Get COO For New Film Division

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John Eggerton and Jim Benson of Broadcasting & Cable report that CBS has hired former Paramount executive Bruce Tobey as Chief Operating Officer of their feature film start-up, CBS Feature Films.  Since Viacom (parent of Paramount Pictures) and CBS split over a year ago, CBS has been looking to grow into areas where it will… Read More »CBS Get COO For New Film Division

Shameless Plug – Part Deux

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The second of three parts to my latest Kenversation(TM) column is up at  The first part is here. In this part of the column, I talk about the big recent changes and trends in cinema, home viewing of feature films, DVDs, cable television, telecom, broadcast television networks, radio, and record companies – all of… Read More »Shameless Plug – Part Deux

Sky High, a hit for Disney?

Sky High did okay for itself at the box office this weekend earning a respectable 3rd place and $14.6 million for its debut. The film is well on its way to recouping its estimated $40 million production costs. No, it’s not a big summer hit for Disney, but it is a film you can take… Read More »Sky High, a hit for Disney?

Sky High, man

Tucked in among the July 24th ‘Live‘ photos on are a few photos from the world premier of Disney’s Sky High, a PG rated popcorn flick that follows the fortunes of a superhero family as their son enters the High School for superheros, only without any superpowers. Sound like something you’d go see? Well… Read More »Sky High, man

Fan of Sin City? Then watch its cinematic ancestor

The New York Times film critic A.O. Scott thinks that if you liked Sin City and Kung Fu Hustle then you should spend some time worshiping at the alter of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Although I haven’t seen either of the recent releases, I am big fan of WFRR. The special edition DVD is wonderful.

The Incredibles, a review

The Incredibles, a review
Theatrical Release: November 5, 2004 / Running Time: 115 Minutes / Rating: PG

Pixar has been batting 1000 with their animated feature films until now. Without being formulaic, the creative minds in Emeryville have managed to hit upon the recipe for fantastic success with each new release. The Incredibles is the least formulaic feature yet and likely to be the most successful.

Not content to stand on their successes of the past, Pixar brought in the team from the new classic animated film, The Iron Giant. Director Brad Bird and his team of storytellers and artists admittedly had little to no experience with computer generated animation, Pixar’s specialty. This meant they had no idea of the limits of the media and were able to push the boundaries of CG animation to new and exciting places.

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