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characters in flight

New Aerial Balloon debuts at Disney Springs

It may be called “Characters in Flight” but the characters have disappeared from the design of the new aerial balloon at Disney Springs. The new look is a big blue globe with watery flourish designs and stripes similar to what was on the previous balloon,… Read More »New Aerial Balloon debuts at Disney Springs

Characters in Flight – an E-Ticket Ride

Downtown Disney Orlando recently added a tethered balloon experience, Characters In Flight. It takes guests 400 ft into the air for a glorious panoramic view of the Lake Buena Vista area. When it opened the attraction was notorious for closing down for safety with even… Read More »Characters in Flight – an E-Ticket Ride

Characters In Flight Balloon Officially Up, Up, and Away

aerophile characters in flight
A ribbon awaits its severing for the grand opening.

Although the winds of fate prevented any actual guests from going up, up, and away, the new “Characters in Flight” balloon from Aerophile officially opened Tuesday morning in Downtown Disney, Orlando.

A single tether connects the balloon to the launch platform.

Many who have been on the ride during its soft opening days, claim it’s the best deal in Downtown Disney. Of course, the problem is that sometimes the ride isn’t open. Wind gusts can keep the balloon grounded. This has led to some issues with guests who get upset they can’t experience the ride. Disney has to put safety first even if the guest is leaving for the airport in 30 minutes.  So plan accordingly and perhaps visit the balloon early in your trip.

aerophile ticket booth with prices
Prices at the ticket booth.

Another problem is the unfortunate name of the attraction. The name “Characters in Flight” has led some guests to expect actual characters on the flight for a meet and greet. Alas, that’s just not the case. With all the other possibilities to name this attraction you have to wonder why they chose one that would be so misleading. Kind of like Disney marketing insisting on calling “Toy Story Midway Mania” Toy Story Mania, which makes it sound like a soft horror film instead of the fun midway games it actually is.

More info and photos below the cut:

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