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Characters in Flight balloon at Disney Springs to get new look

Characters in Flight Lifts Off

Guests at Disney Springs from January 9 – 14 won’t be able to get the beautiful bird’s-eye view provided by the Characters in Flight Balloon as it will be closed for replacement. It is a standard practice of aerial tethered balloons to replace the balloon every few years to prevent problems that come with age and repeated use.

The tethered balloon is filled with 210,000 cubic feet of Helium and illuminates at night. When skies are clear it can be viewed from up to 20 miles away.

The current look of Characters in Flight, the high soaring observation balloon attraction at Disney Springs is actually the second look. The first was installed in 2009 and was a large orange and yellow thing with black silhouettes of Disney characters. The current version is a little more retro looking similar to the one that is installed at Paris Disneyland. It’s believed the new look will be closer to the 1950’s look that is the ‘world’s fair’ theme of the Westside of Disney Springs.

Have you ever been up in the Characters in Flight Balloon at Disney Springs?

3 thoughts on “Characters in Flight balloon at Disney Springs to get new look”

  1. We did it shortly after it opened and it was fun but at the time I didn’t know if it was worth it for what it cost. It would be fun to see illuminations or the MK Fireworks from there though I think

  2. The theming of the balloon is a missed opportunity for Disney. The movie UP is a natural tie-in! Somehow designing the main balloon to resemble small individual balloons and the basket to appear as Carl’s home would connect this attraction with a Disney film and give this great movie a more noticeable presence within the property.

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