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The Mole: Go Ride

And now we are down to the final five. Only a few more weeks to go until we’ll know for sure who The Mole is. Personally, I’m just hoping to find a much needed clue or two. One of the contestants with a sign saying “I am The Mole, seriously” might be nice. Then I could discard him or her.

You know what else I noticed. Both Mark and Clay are still in the game. It is interesting that this partnership seems to be working. At least for now.Read More »The Mole: Go Ride

The Mole: Traveling in Chains

Before we get down to business, can I indulge in a bit of shameless self promotion? Thanks. If you’re interested in my take on WALL-E, follow that link for my review.

Okay, now to tonight’s episode of The Mole.

Now that Victoria has left the show, I am completely in the dark as to who The Mole could be. So I am back to where I was in week one. Well, I do have one advantage. Now I’m trying to guess who it is from seven players instead of twelve.Read More »The Mole: Traveling in Chains

The Mole: Midas Quotes

I’m going to do things differently this week. I’m operating under the assumption that I know who The Mole is and will be watching their movements for sabotage. And who do I think The Mole is? Well, I’m trusting my alliance partner Glenn and working under the assumption that The Mole isRead More »The Mole: Midas Quotes