And now we are down to the final five. Only a few more weeks to go until we’ll know for sure who The Mole is. Personally, I’m just hoping to find a much needed clue or two. One of the contestants with a sign saying “I am The Mole, seriously” might be nice. Then I could discard him or her.

You know what else I noticed. Both Mark and Clay are still in the game. It is interesting that this partnership seems to be working. At least for now.

Before we get down to business, can I indulge in a bit of shameless self promotion? Thanks. If you’re interested in my take on WALL-E, follow that link for my review.

Okay, now to tonight’s episode of The Mole.

Now that Victoria has left the show, I am completely in the dark as to who The Mole could be. So I am back to where I was in week one. Well, I do have one advantage. Now I’m trying to guess who it is from seven players instead of twelve.

I’m going to do things differently this week. I’m operating under the assumption that I know who The Mole is and will be watching their movements for sabotage. And who do I think The Mole is? Well, I’m trusting my alliance partner Glenn and working under the assumption that The Mole is