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Annual Walt Disney World Bird Count

You may know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom takes great care in caring for the animals in the theme park, but did you know that the animal care team also has responsibilities for every animal in Walt Disney World. Yes, even the vultures that hang out in the worst places.

One of those activities involves counting all the birds at Walt Disney World Resort and the surrounding area. In the video below, Anne Savage, Ph.D., Senior Conservation Biologist, Disney’s Animal Programs, explores the second annual holiday bird count at the Walt Disney World. Cast members from across the resort are joined by Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team and together they complete the census.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Halloween Enrichment

Enrichment is a key part of the animal care program at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Often enrichment involves treats, such as foods, toys, or fragrances, that prompt animals to explore, make choices and maintain a level of activity in their habitat similar to their natural behavior… Read More »Disney’s Animal Kingdom Halloween Enrichment

Disney’s Animal Kingdom names new Baby Elephant

A baby elephant was born last week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. After a voting process, animal care team members have now have decided on a name fitting a healthy male calf. Jabali, which means “strong as a rock” in Swahili, is a great name for an elephant that will grow to well over 10,000 pounds.

Jabali is the sixth baby elephant to be born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Below the jump is a video showing how Disney’s animal care team cared for Jabali’s mom Vasha as she neared her delivery date.

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Sixth Baby Elephant Brings Cuteness and Joy to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Once again Disney’s Animal Kingdom has wowed us with cuteness and impressed us with the power of conservation. A new 311 pound baby elephant joined the park’s African elephant herd on Wednesday. Disney’s team of animal care professionals play an important part in protecting this endangered species and a new calf will help sustain the elephant population.

This is the sixth elephant born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The others are:

  • Tufani, a male, born in 2003;
  • Kianga, a female, born in 2004;
  • Nadirah a female, born in 2005;
  • Tsavo, a male, born in 2008; and
  • Luna, a female born 2010.

Watching young animals frolic on the savannah is always one of the highlights of Kilimanjaro Safaris. So I predict a lot of rides in my future.

More details, baby elephant facts, and another photo below the jump:

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Disney’s Animal Care Chief elected VP at AZA

Dr. Jackie Ogden is the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Vice President of Animals, Science and Environment. That means she’s in charge of all animation programs across the Disney parks and resorts. As such she plays an important role in the conservation, education, and awareness… Read More »Disney’s Animal Care Chief elected VP at AZA