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I apologize for missing last week, but let’s discuss this week’s episode.

The team heads back to L.A. when one of the super-humans that they’ve been monitoring goes missing. Turns out, Chan Ho Yin, a.k.a. Scorch, has been enticed by an offer to boost his powers by Raina, a.k.a. the girl in the flower dress.

Raina is working with the same doctor who we saw in the pilot episode. They are looking for something that will counteract the explosive effects from the EXTREMIS part of their project Centipede and they think that Scortch’s pyrokinetic abilities will be the answer.

While this is the case, neither Chan nor the doctor live long enough to see their efforts come to fruition. Chan is injected with the EXTREMIS serum by May and explodes while the doctor is killed by Raina who, it turns out is working for someone else. We meet him at the end of the episode when he and Raina discuss bringing in the “Clairvoyant.”

So, what is the team up to besides trying to stop Scorch and Raina?  Well, Skye’s continuing relationship with the Rising Tide comes to a head and almost costs her her position on the team. It does cost her the trust that she had earned from her teammates, but she finally opens up to Coulson and reveals her true intentions.

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Previously, on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D:

The team went to Peru to figure out what the 0-8-4 is.

On the way, Skye begins questioning her place on the team, as do some of her teammates.

In Peru they find the object in question. We then get our first glimpse of Coulson’s backstory in the form of Camilla Reyes, who he had a past relationship with.

A fire fight with local rebels forces both Coulson’s team and Reyes’ team back on the bus (their name for the plane) and in the air. Fitz-Simmons discovers that the 0-8-4 is a weapon that is fueled the same way the Tesseract is.

At the same time, Coulson and Ward discover that Reyes and her team aren’t as friendly as they seem. They knock out May, capture the rest of team and take over the bus.

Coulson is with his old flame, but the others are tied up in the cargo bay. As a team, they break free and save Coulson and the bus.

The episode ends with a great cameo from Samuel L. Jackson.

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Tuesday marked the premiere of the most highly anticipated show in television history – at least by me. I have been a huge fan of The Avengers franchise since the beginning and I’ve had a man crush on Agent Coulson from the moment he threatened to taze Tony Stark and watch Super Nanny.

So let’s talk about episode one shall we?

The show opens with long shots of L.A. and Skye’s voice over giving us the background info we need. Basically, after we were attacked by aliens the world went crazy – makes sense.

We also meet Michael (played by veteran to Joss Whedon T.V. shows, J. August Richardson) and his son, Ace. They have a touching moment right before the building beside them explodes.Michael reveals that he has super strength as he scales the building and saves a woman from a fiery doom.

Skye sees the whole event and records it on her phone.

Next, we fly to Paris to meet Agent Grant Ward as he is searching for a Chitari neural link. He gets into a bit of a tiff with some goons from the group known as The Rising Tide who also want said neural link. He returns to S.H.I.E.L.D. and gets debriefed by Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders reprises her role very well).

Then comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the return of Agent Phil Coulson.