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ABC News’ Docu-Series weaves stories from year of the Moonshot – ‘1969’

The new documentary “1969” from ABC News revisits rarely told stories of the moon landing, Manson murders, Chappaquiddick scandal, and Woodstock with that of Nixon’s first year in office, John Lennon’s Bed-Ins for Peace, FBI shootouts with black activists and the Stonewall Uprising. The six-part… Read More »ABC News’ Docu-Series weaves stories from year of the Moonshot – ‘1969’

Disney looks to exit Millennial Cable News Channel Fusion

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, The Walt Disney Company is looking to back out of its investment in Fusion – the millennial targeted ‘news’ network it created with Univision. Launched in 2013, the channel has never really hit its mark. Originally,… Read More »Disney looks to exit Millennial Cable News Channel Fusion

ABC News Announces Layoffs

A memo sent to employees yesterday heralded a reduction in employment of as much as 25% for the ABC News staff of 1400. This isn’t the first reduction at ABC News, but that won’t be comfort to those who are being let go. Ad revenues… Read More »ABC News Announces Layoffs

Traditional Broadcasting Continues to “Adapt”

It’s not a good time for journalists, or to be a terrestrial radio personality. As newspapers merge and cut back and radio stations cut back, ABC competitor CBS is cutting back the news staff at the network and its stations. Jacob Adelman has the story for the Associated Press.

CBS-owned TV stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago are reducing their news staffs. The cuts include two well-known anchors in Los Angeles, five on-air veterans in San Francisco and one of Chicago’s highest-paid anchors.

About a dozen news staffers will depart KCBS-TV and KCAL-TV in Los Angeles, according to a person who works at one of the CBS-owned stations and requested anonymity because policy prohibits disclosing personnel matters.

KCBS and KCAL (formerly owned by The Walt Disney Company) are both owned by CBS, with KCBS carrying the network programming and with the stations sharing a newsroom and personnel. CBS also owns Los Angeles news radio stations KFWB AM 980 and KNX AM 1070, and there is further crossover with them.

The person told The Associated Press on Tuesday that longtime anchors Ann Martin and Harold Greene will leave when their contracts expire in May. Others, including reporters Jennifer Sabih and Jennifer Davis, were laid off Monday.

Technical staff was also trimmed, the person said.

More details about who is getting cut where is at the link.

Georg Szalai and Kimberly Nordyke have the Reuters/Hollywood Reporter take. My thoughts are after the jump.

Read More »Traditional Broadcasting Continues to “Adapt”