As I've stated previously, I am in the process of moving to Orlando, FL. This move happens this week, so I may be a bit spotty in my posting. I am looking forward to this new phase in my life. Hurricane Dodging, Tourist Avoiding, and Humidity induced showers. But I've spent three *long* years in
Perry at Samizdata ponders about the constitution of children and why they're often treated with kid gloves by Disney while J.K. Rowling appears happy to kill one off everynow and then. To this I say Rubbish. More Disney films feature the loss of one or both parents then I care to count. If the parent
Despite its foe's best efforts to derail the project, Florida voters appear likely to approve construction of the light rail project once again. The first leg will connect Tampa and Orlando with a stop at the Walt Disney World Resort and the Orlando International Airport. The second leg will connect central Florida with southern Florida.
Quiz time. Is Peter Pan public domain or not? That will be the question for the courts as Disney stands accused of copyright infringment and denying funds to the Barrie Childrens Hospital Charity. I think it's a little two faced for Disney to fight so hard in congress to keep Mickey Mouse out of the
If you have a vacation booked to Disney's Vero Beach Disney Vacation Club Resort over the next month or so, you'd better plan on resheduling. The resort remains closed to to heavy damage from Hurricane Jeanne and the previous storms. As for the cast members who work there, some are working to repair the damage,
Paris Disneyland has had its troubles recently. The second gate is underbuilt, its debt load makes it nearly impossible to operate in the black, and there is some evidence the tight fisted management policies beginning to drive away the tourist. It used to be that once you got someone to the park, they were overwhelmed