Just a quick reminder. LUXO, the Pixar Animation Blog, has some excellent coverage of all things concerning the release of The Incredibles. I'll chime in now and then, but LUXO has near everything.
Yahoo! Inc. Chief Executive Officer Terry Semel has said 'no way' to running the Disney Company going forward. Semel ran Warner Bros. in the 90s and has been talked about as a likely successor for Michael Eisner. Sherry Lansing, current chair of Viacom's Paramount Pictures and old buddy of Michael Eisner, has just announced her
It's Disneyland's Hall of Fame, the colorful windows on Main Street read like a who's who of the park's past. Still, there are many names from the past that deserve a window on Main Street who have yet to be awarded one. Three names that come to my mind immediately are Alice Davis, Mary Blair,
Ever wanted to own your own Haunted Mansion? Don't have $37,000 to secure a place inside for your tombstone? What would you consider the ultimate collectible for the Mansion? How about a bigfig? Big figures are the new collecting craze in the Disneyana field. These figures typically range 18 inches to 24 inches tall and