Cindy reviews the Vineyard Room

Cindy, of, returns with another excellent review of a Disneyland Resort restaurant. This time she critiques her meal at The Vineyard Room, the upper end restaurant located within the gates of California Adventure. One of the things I like about Cindy’s reviews is that while she gets the important food and service issues in there, she also includes a lot about the ambience and other events.

As we were waiting for our second courses, I noticed a man at another table was leaning on the floor, so I thought he had dropped something. When I realized that he was actually kneeling on one knee in front of a woman, I alerted my husband, and we both watched as the man proposed to the very surprised and very delighted woman. We joined the other people in the restaurant in applause as she accepted an he put the ring on her finger. What a great place for a proposal! She seemed very stunned, and both looked very happy.

See what I mean. Thanks to Cindy for posting this on her website, which, btw, is an excellent resource for Disneyland Resort Menus and reviews, including the current winter menu for The Vineyard Room.

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