Michael Barrier has written a commentary on the state of CGI animation and how The Incredibles has just advanced it. His take is that the spontaneity you can get in live action and the best hand drawn animation is yet to be achieved in computer geneated animation. However, Barrier thinks that Brad Bird's addition to
The sloppily drawn contract between Disney and Hong Kong does not even have a clause preventing Disney from opening other parks in China. Also not mentioned in the press release are the massive cost over-runs due to dioxin in the soil at the Penny Bay site (and more besides from FoE) and the pollution problem
Ever wonder what happened to Judson Green. He used to be the chairman of Walt Disney Attractions, the position Jay Rasula has now. He then left to become CEO of NAVTEQ the company for digital map information for automotive navigation systems, mobile navigation devices and Internet-based mapping. Now he's joined the board of HDI, Harley-Davidson
Although LaughingPlace.com had the news on this last week, The Orlando Sentinel posts some additional details on Typhoon Lagoon's next attraction - a Water Coaster. What's a water coaster you ask? To really know you have to go to the waterpark that started them all - Schlitterbahn. Their premier ride, the Master Blaster, uses water
I bet you thought the stories on Pixar's hit The Incredibles were over, didn't you. Well, they're not. The New York Times has chimed in with a story on the message behind The Incredibles and the pressures to conform that are put on today's children. Other parents are complaining about a decline in programs for