Third Pirates Film Title Revealed

  • by has posted the title from the third film in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series: Pirates Of The Caribbean: World’s End. Film three was shot concurrently with film two and is currently scheduled for release in May of 2007. Less than a year between sequels, that’s good news for Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Kiera Knightley fans.

Btw, no news of changes to the plans for the Disneyland premiere for POTC: Dead Man’s Chest, but there was an announcement about a ‘merchandise event‘ to be held on July 6th that includes a showing of the film and a preview of the refurbished Disneyland Pirates attraction. Tickets for the event go on sale April 24th.

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56 thoughts on “Third Pirates Film Title Revealed”

  1. Loved the first one. I saw V for Vendetta a couple of weeks ago, and out of all of the trailers for upcoming films (Superman, Xmen, etc.) only the Pirates trailer seemed to capture anyones imagination. After it was over you could hear all of the attendees whispering in “pirate talk” to one another.

  2. Can’t wait for both Pirates films. Does Keith Richards make an appearance, or was that only a rumor?

  3. Wouldn’t it be cool if …

    JHM rolls out a brand-new feature today. Where this website’s readers offer up suggestions for projects that (hopefully) Disney’s reps might actually take

  4. I very much enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. I cannot wait until the 2nd movie comes out, only 12 more days! I also cannot wait until the third movie comes out on May 25, 2007! I really desired to go to the red carpet movie premiere of both films, but I could never get my hands on tickets. I am determined to go to the third movie premiere…it would the perfect graduation present! I simply need to know (1) how to get tickets, (2) when the premiere will be, and (3) where it will be located. If anyone has any information, please e-mail me at anytime, it will be very much appreciated. I know it is quite early to be asking those three questions, but it very crucial information to me.

  5. That goes for me too. I really really need to know the answer to these three questions ASAP! Please let us know anything you know!

  6. I loved pirates of the caribbean dead mans chest. I can’t wait until the pirates of the caribbean Worlds end comes out! can people email me if they know how to get tickets for the premier of Worlds end please. Thank you

  7. I was wondering if anyone was able to answer the other questions above on how to get red carpet premire tickets. It would be great if you could email me with any possible info. Thanx so much ^__^

  8. I would also would like somebody to email me some tickets to “The Worlds End” as well. So far I have the first movie, have seen the 2nd one, waiting for it to come out on DVD. Me and my parents are HUGE fans, and would like it if somebody sent me something concerning how to get tickets to the world permiere. THANX!

  9. can someone PLEASE post back a comment or email me info telling me how to get tickets to the world premier of POTC 3!? i love the movies sooo much and i would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to get tickets? i know this is probably getting old now but i adore johnny depp and would love to have the chance to see him and maybe get his autograph! thanks!

  10. Hi all. You can keep asking about getting tickets to the third premier. But unless you were invited to either the first or second premiers there is only an infinitesimal chance you’ll get a ticket to the third. Also remember P3 opens in May next year, so they may not even hold the premier at Disneyland. If I hear about any changes I’ll be sure to post it to the blog. Meanwhile, don’t get your hopes up.

  11. hey your wrong you dont need to be invited because I know because my friend Jen got in the 2nd premiere without getting invited tothe premiere so I didnt get to go with her my gram past away but I would like to know for a graduation present so please someone tell me where to at least look for tickets and fast

  12. Along with everyone else, I am a HUGE POTC fan! I loved the first two movies and am very much interested in going to the Disneyland Premier of the third POTC movie. I want to be able to see orlando bloom and jonny depp more than anything. If you guys hear anythign about the Premier or how to get tickets, pleaseee pleassseeee tell me!

  13. hey i would truly love to get my hands on those tickets! i have actually heard that it might even be at disneyworld!? im not sure tho cause its just a rumor that i have heard!!!which would be kinda good for me since i do live in fl. but im not sure! my cousin,my best friends and i would love love love to get tickets because we are such HUGE fans of orlando bloom and johny depp!!!!!!!! plus we r both HUGE fans of the first two movies!!! if anybody has any info on getting tickets PLEASE email me!!!!
    thanks :)

  14. Yah I went to the Euro Premer of 2(dressed up of course) But cant get in next year.
    Its coming out on my 16th birthday it it would be an awsom present if i could go to three. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY INFO E-Mail ME!!

  15. We LOVED the second one it was awsome. we would LOVE to know how to get tickets to the premiere of the third one. thanx

  16. Why Jack’s necessary dead? I don’t like the end of the second part of Pirates of the Caribbean because Jack dead, Davey Jones don’t dead and his heart didn’t destroyed.

  17. Jack’s not dead. The ending of the second Pirates film was the best way to end a cliff hanger movie. I cannot wait for POTC: AWE.

  18. hi! as every pirate movie is released i´ve been trying to get a ticket for the real premiere with the actors and all. but everyone have said its not possible. I´m SO jelouse of thouse who´ve got the chanse to meet the actors. I am so in love with the movies and the actors that i cannot put it in words. If someone has any information about tickets to the premiere, PLEASE send what you know to me. i will be you forever greateful. Love ida

  19. hey, I love Johnny Depp since way before Pirates of the Caribbean. I love everything that he is in. I am obsessed. Does anyone know when the POTC3 premiere is going to be?

  20. P.P.S. I am the biggest idiot in the world. I am yelling at everyone for spelling his name wrong and I leave out the h. I am so sorry.

  21. this is driving me nuts!!! not only can i not find POTC : at world’s end tickets, but this website doesn’t provide answers for where i can find them!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh! i want to go so bad its not even funny. all my friends think i’m too obsessed but there is no such thing!

  22. As I have stated elsewhere. There will be NO TICKETS for the premier of POTC: At World’s End available to the public. You either have to be someone, or know someone to get in. That’s the way it is with all hollywood premiers.

    Additionally, there is so far nothing announcing a ‘red-carpet event’ at Disneyland for the premier of P3. And there are in fact rumors that it will be held elsewhere (at the beach…). The memorial day weekend release of the movie makes it seem unlikely they’d be willing to close Disneyland down during that very busy week. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it happening. If that changes, I will, of course, post updates here at The Disney Blog.

  23. I have to be to the world premier of POTC3! You have no idea. I have been looking everywhere to find out when it is and how i can get in. There has got to be someway! All of my friends and I want to go. Please tell me how I can get there! Seriously, I’m so in love with POTC its not even funny. The walls in my room are covered with stuff from the movies. If you know anything pleeeeeeeeeeeese tell me! Agh! Isn’t the purpose of a premier to give ordinary people like me a chance to meet Johnny and all the other stars?

  24. where can i buy tickets to the premier of POTC 3? i would really appreciate it if you
    could tell me where or what website i could go 2 to get tickets for the premier.
    thank you & please try to get back to me ASAP on this if u can
    Stacey Griese

  25. Ok all you ppl out there that keep telling us that you have to get “invited” The POTC 3 how could that be true beacause on the bonus sections of Dead Mans chest… It shows World Premier footage from 2006 Dead Mans Chest! Those people where not celebrites dressed up either! They were normal Pirate fans! Now then after that they showed the movie with the real actors on the Black Peral in the stage. Now I dont think hat they were a bunch of celebrites if so they would have shown them in the footage! GRR! Ok but sorry but maybe it would be helpful if some people who went to the premiers last year would tell us how they got them last year and how much they were! I watch the movies all the time! I am so desperate to go! Plz anyone tell us how to get the tickes! E-mail me plz plz!

  26. OKKKKKKKKK to everyone wondering how to get into the POC 3 prim. Well i called disneyland and they told me that the people who we saw in the background next to the red carpet were people who went to disneyland for the day, so you buy tickets to disneyland and go in. BUT those people are not invited to see the actual movie those people just get to stand on the side and yell at the movie stars. To see the movie with the stars you have to be invited to go and have a special pass.

  27. I went to the POC 2 premiere and stood by the Red Carpet. All you do is go EARLY and buy a ticket for the day. Then you have to find a good place by the fence of the Red Carpet and wait. BE prepared to wait all day. I got Orlando, Keira and Johnny’s pictures and Johnny gave me an autograph. Now we are just going to have to find out when the next premiere is.

  28. hi Medayla- did you know if the red carpet premiere was the day that the pirates 2 came out, also how did you call disney land??

  29. hya does anyone know anything about the at worlds end premier i sooooooo want 2 go johnny depp is sooooooo lush

  30. I belive that when Jack goes into the Kraken in the second movie, he stabbes its brain, causing it to die. I belive this because in previews for the third movie he says, “Did no one come to rescue me just because they missed me?”, which means that Jack’s crew must have come to rescue him(Dur). Therefor I rest my case.

  31. Hi there! I want to come to the POTC 3 premiere. I live in Canada and am 13 and I would like any tips from ppl that have been to premieres already, (like where the best spot to wait is, how long you waited, was the carpet already set up with the fence when the park opened, is there any way to get tickets except winning them in contests and any other tips you might have to give that might make it a better day. Is the best time to go right as soon as they open? Would it be better to be farther down main street or right by the emporium? Any information ppl can give me would be really appreciated. Thank you, please email me!

  32. I LOVE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!! I can’t wait until the third one comes out. PLEASE e-mail me about any info about the premiere- I’ve never gone and it would be the best thing ever! HOW DO U GET TICKETS? AND WHEN!?

  33. does anyone know what date the premier of pirates 3 will be and how i can get the tickets to the premier???
    please i need to know!

  34. If anyone knows where i can buy the tickets for the premier of pirates three, and how much are they please tell me.

  35. ok like everyone else posting comments on this site…
    i loveeeeeeeeeeee POTC :D
    and i know that it is gonna be in disneyland and it is pretty set to be on may 19th!
    i just need info on the tickets and stuff!
    do they give them away on radio statios or what?
    and like this Micayla person…
    where and when would be the best times to go and wait for the stars and stuff!
    please please please email me with anything at all that you have found out!
    i will totally love you foreverrrr! :]

  36. i love potc very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really desired to go to the red carpet movie premiere of both films, but I could never get my hands on tickets. I am determined to go to the third movie premiere…I simply need to know (1) how to get tickets, (2) when the premiere will be, and (3) where it will be located. If anyone has any information, please e-mail me at anytime, it will be very much appreciated. I know it is quite early to be asking those three questions, but it very crucial information to me.

  37. Chris,

    There are plenty of other comment threads on The Disney Blog that talk about the premiere. I suggest you check some of them out. But to sum it up. You won’t be able to get tickets to the premiere (unless you know someone or win some in a charity auction $$$). You will be able to get into Disneyland that day and wait along the red-carpet for the VIPs to arrive. All it takes is a regular Disneyland admission ticket and the desire to wake up before dawn to hold your spot. If you’re lucky you’ll get a few autographs. The premiere will be May 19th at Disneyland.

  38. I have a question, could you answer it. ******When is the Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End Premiere?******If someone can tell me then please post the answer here.Thank you very much!!

  39. I’m pretty sure that the Premiere is on May 19th. I’ve been dying 2 go 2 it myself so I’ve been reasearching some stuff. The park will open at 6:30 am that day and it will close at 5:00 pm due 2 the premiere. As 1 of u mention before u can not see the film but u can get autographs and photos. There is no way 2 buy tickets, or at least i haven’t found any. I’ll be reasearching some more so if u need any more info just ask and if i get any info on it i will post it.
    your friend,

  40. cost for these tickets: 1500
    where: Disneyland
    you are going to get the whole package : free admission to disneyland dinner….and most of all you get to see the movie at the Rivers of America place

    if only i can afford 3000 dollars well i can but its up to my dad

    I LOVE Johnny Depp way too much i have to go

  41. hey!
    at a music school i went to in the summer – benenden we played Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl music and i was wondering where i could buy some so i could play it again?!?! please email me back asap becuase i really wanna know!!!!

    annie x

  42. the pirates of the caribbean: at worlds end was brilliant. I am very intersted in where they plan to make the fourth installment. I hope posts will be made, if anyone knows of a good website to find out details as such, it would be greatly appreciated.

  43. OMG I LOVE POTC!!! But when I saw the ending of the third movie I was shocked to the bone! It’s a HORRIBLE ending!!! I can’t believe that they ended it like that! I AM SOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!! They better make a fourth POTC movie that will fix things up!

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