Sheriff targets locals on Disney World Property

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The Orlando Sentinel has a story on the beefed up presence of the Sheriff Department doing traffic enforcement on Walt Disney Property roads. This was first reported on Disney forums last year when cast members started noticing that more and more of them were getting tickets while commuting to and from work. While both Disney and the Sheriff’s office claims that there is no favortism to tourists, the numbers in the Sentinel article show otherwise. I guarantee you that 80% of the drivers on Disney Property aren’t locals, but that was the ratio of tickets given to locals.

Before this crackdown began last year, the lack of enforcement had created a culture where high speeds and risky driving ran rampant. I remember seeing a number of roll-over accidents and other fender benders. Since the crackdown I don’t think I’ve seen any and crazy driving has been reduced. So I think this a good thing (but, hey, I haven’t been ticketed yet and there is one spot where I always am speeding because everybody speeds there) and will reduce injuries to locals and tourists creating pleasant memories all around.

Now if we could just get Disney to fix their parking lot system. That’s a huge mess.