The Return of the King

That’s what John makes me call him, King Frost of Blogland [ed.: and don’t you forget it, Whitford]. Well, he’s back and you can all breath that collective sigh of relief. I have enjoyed my stay here and I thank all of you for your continued support and kind acceptance. Like every other job that I have covered through my temp agency, I was not at all prepared or qualified for this position, and while I think it went smoothly I now have a very strong respect for John and the work he does.  It is not easy finding things of interest on a daily basis, even about Disney. It is endless hours of searching for news and leads, like Woodward and Bernstein with a Disney-jones. At times I feared it may drive me crazy, but I took solace in the fact that it was bugging my wife more. 

That said, it was fun and if John will have me I would love to come back. In the meantime I’ll return to posting my tangent-laced comments and shepherding my own little blog flock. Feel free to stop in anytime.

Thank you,

Whit Honea

ed.: thank you Whit for your stand-up job of sitting down in my chair for week. It made my move to a new house considerably less stressful. Hope to see you posting more in the future.