The NY Times recently printed a great op-ed piece explaining some of the factors behind the recent buyout of Pixar by Disney.Pixar's chiefs would probably be the first to admit, it isn't C.G.I. itself that has made their films so wildly successful. Rather, it is the narrative craft with which those films were made. If
The Disney Family Foundation plans to open a museum at the Presidio in San Francisco. But there is some question as to whether such a museum belongs there. Now the foundation wants to expand their original idea and renovate even more of the original Presidio buildings. That's making even more people unhappy. Let me editorialize
Update: More from The Standard. Disney making changes? It might just be posturing by the Hong Kong Government, but someone wants to get Disney in trouble for the mess created when Hong Kong Disneyland had to close its gates due to capacity concerns. "Since there were no entry limitations printed on the presold tickets, Disney's
Time for another fan video of the week. This one isn't so much a fan video, as a really neat clip with a Disney tie-in. Learn how the Hollow-face-illusion works. This is the same effect used on Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction to build a bust with eyes that follow you around the room. Sounds like
What comes after Cars? That was one of the questions investors wanted to know when Disney bought Pixar. This story in Time Magazine claims to have the answer. Pixar may follow its summer vehicle Cars with Ratatouille, a tale about a rat who lives in a fancy French restaurant. Little is known of future projects,
It's not a secret that Disney is working on another live action/animation combined film (think Roger Rabbit) called 'Enchanted'. It was just announced that Wicked Tony Award winner and recent "Rent" film star Idina Menzel will star in the film, a role that had been occupied by Reese Witherspoon. Nothing against Reese, I love her,