Enchanted gets its star

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It’s not a secret that Disney is working on another live action/animation combined film (think Roger Rabbit) called ‘Enchanted’. It was just announced that Wicked Tony Award winner and recent "Rent" film star Idina Menzel will star in the film, a role that had been occupied by Reese Witherspoon. Nothing against Reese, I love her, but it’s nice to see Disney recruiting some broadway vocal talent. Which, btw, makes me think Enchanted might have some big musical numbers in it. Can’t wait for that.

Speaking of Disney musical stars, it is nice to see that ex-Disneyland performer Eden Espinosa is back playing Elphaba in the Broadway cast of Wicked. If Idina backs out of Enchanted, I know Eden is ready to take her spot just like she has in Wicked.

After I finishe moving to my new house, I’ll try and dig out those photos I took of Eden performing many different parts at Disneyland. I might have a few recordings here and there too.

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