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Michelle Snow

Michelle Snow is a huge fan of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars in films and TV, as well as the Disney parks. She's also an award-winning writer who has written several guidebooks on Orlando. Follow her on Twitter @zengrrl. Her blog, CitySurfing Orlando has covered Orlando and the theme parks since 2010. Her favorite rides at the Disney parks are Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain, and Indiana Jones Adventure, and she may have cried tears of joy when she first saw the Millenium Falcon at Galaxy's Edge. She collects anything to do with Star Wars original trilogy (she saw 1977's "A New Hope" on opening weekend), Snow White, Grumpy, Tinkerbell, and Stitch.

National Treasure

Disney+ Adds Five to Cast of ‘National Treasure’ Series

The upcoming “National Treasures” series adaptation for Disney+ has added five actors to the cast. Lyndon Smith (“Parenthood”), Zuri Reed (“Flatbush Misdemeanors”), Jake Austin Walker (“12 Mighty Orphans”), Antonio Cipriano (“Jagged Little Pill”), and Jordan Rodrigues (“Light as a Feather”) have been added as series… Read More »Disney+ Adds Five to Cast of ‘National Treasure’ Series

Disney CEO Bob Chapek

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Releases Memo About 2022 Priorities

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has released a memo to castmembers and other employees highlighting what he sees as the company’s 2022 priorities. Referring to them as “pillars,” Chapek laid out three areas of importance as storytelling, innovation and a “relentless focus on our audience.” Predecessor… Read More »Disney CEO Bob Chapek Releases Memo About 2022 Priorities