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Disney To Expand ‘Frozen’ Universe With Original Podcast Series

Frozen: Forces of Nature

Disney has announced the “Frozen” universe will be expanding with a new audio series from Disney Publishing Worldwide, ABC Audio and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The Details

Called “Frozen: Forces of Nature,” the story will take place after the events of “Frozen 2” but before the upcoming “Frozen 3,” which is still in pre-production.

The series will follow Queen Anna, who has a lot on her plate at the moment: there are visitors in her Kingdom; a friend in need; and even the Duke of Weselton’s nephew skulking around. So when the Spirits of Nature start acting up, she knows she has to solve the problem – and fast – before things get more out of control.

But when Anna and Elsa travel to the Enchanted Forest, they find mysterious copper machines that are disrupting the natural order of things. Who made these machines and what are they doing in the forest? And more importantly, how do Anna and Elsa stop them?

The series will also introduce some new characters including Queen Disa and Lord Wolfgang. Queen Disa is the ruler of a place called Sankerhus, while Lord Wolfgang is the aforementioned nephew of the Duke of Weselton.

Frozen: Forces of Nature

How to Listen

The 12-part audio series is a standalone adventure, and it will launch later this year in October. It will be available to stream where you listen to podcasts.

ABC News’ chief meteorologist Ginger Zee will be a voice presenter. She previously hosted ABC Audio’s “Inside Frozen 2” podcast.

“ABC Audio is thrilled to introduce the power of audio storytelling to a new generation through the Disney Frozen Podcast. This immersive series created in partnership with Disney Publishing Worldwide and Walt Disney Animation Studios taps into listeners’ imagination and offers parents an engaging, screen-free experience to share with their children,” said Liz Alesse, VP, ABC Audio, in a statement.