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The Final Day of Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World - Splash Mountain

After a little over 30 years, the final log has carried Guests along a watery path of drops, including the iconic outdoor flume, and “Splash Mountain” at Walt Disney World has closed its doors as of January 22, 2023.

Even though there were huge crowds for the final day of the attraction as we know it, a lot of fans couldn’t be there, so I thought I’d compile some photos and videos from the last day.

It’s important to remember, the ride itself is not going anywhere (though the “Splash Mountain” page is already gone from the WDW website). They are not demolishing the attraction. It’s simply getting a makeover with a new theme inspired by 2009’s “The Princess and The Frog.”

And if you’re still waxing nostalgic, Disneyland has not set a closure date for its “Splash Mountain,” so book a trip and go ride it! The Disney Blog’s own authorized travel planning expert, Stacey at Pixie Vacations will be happy to handle all the details.

That said, here is one final look at “Splash Mountain,” which has been at Magic Kingdom since October 9, 1992. Please be patient as the page may take a bit to load.

The Crowds

The Rides

@onthegoinmco My last ride on #SplashMountain at Walt Disney World…while sad, I can’t help but be excited for Tiana's Bayou Adventure! #onelasttime #wdw #disneymemories ♬ original sound – Julie Rose

Thank You Cast Members!

The Final Good-Bye

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