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New Disney CEO Bob Iger Posts Thanksgiving Wishes for 2022

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It’s certainly been an exciting week for new/returning Disney CEO Bob Iger, and he’s capped it today with a tweet sending out Thanksgiving wishes today.

Happy Thanksgiving

Taking time out to post this morning on his Twitter, Iger sent his first tweet since once again taking over the reins of The Walt Disney Company.

The tweet read:

“Giving thanks today to family, friends, and all of my new fellow employees and cast members @WaltDisneyCo. It was always a privilege to work with all of you, and it certainly is a privilege to do it again! Happy Thanksgiving.”

What’s Old is New Again

As we reported late Sunday night (while we were all rocking out to the live Elton John concert on Disney+), former Disney CEO Bob Iger was reinstated in the role after the sudden ouster of previous CEO Bob Chapek, who held the position in between Iger leaving and then returning.

Over the next 48 hours, Iger addressed employees and Cast Members, confirming his sudden return, and began work restructuring the Media and Entertainment Distribution division, firing the Chapek-appointed Head of the Division Kareem Daniel, in the process.

Next on the announced agenda for Iger is an employee/cast member town hall meeting on Monday morning to discuss the future of Disney. The memo he sent out to everyone said:

“Dear Fellow Employees and Cast Members:

On Monday, I will be returning to the Walt Disney Studio Lot, a place I have always loved. I’m eager to be rejoining dear colleagues and meeting new team members who’ve become part of our company this past year.

To start the week off, please join me in a Town Hall on Monday, where I will talk about the future of this incredible company and answer your questions about the work ahead as we build on Disney’s legacy of creativity, innovation, and inspiration. The information for the event is below.

I hope you will join me.”

We will bring you the highlights of that Town Hall later on Monday.

What are your thoughts on Bob Iger returning? Let us know in the comments.

11 thoughts on “New Disney CEO Bob Iger Posts Thanksgiving Wishes for 2022”

  1. I hope he fixes the magic- it feels now like all they care about is what can they charge us for to make them more money-No more paying extra for good rides-we already paid for that with the ticket price-it is already so expensive most people can’t afford it-Walt wanted it to be for everyone.

  2. Bring back Seasonal positions and annual passes. Glad to see you back to the old Disney I left 15 y ago. The new Walt Disney lost the magic Walt created!!!!

    1. Yes please bring back seasonal like it was before. The current cast members that are in the position that I lost due to COVID are always begging for someone to take their shifts.

  3. I’m so glad for the change. My husband and I were just talking and thinking we would never be going back to any of the Disney parks again! Now there is hope!

  4. Hopefully he will be able to bring back Walt’s magic. Unfortunately, Disney has lost that magical feeling the last several years.

  5. I am hopeful that the Disney Magic will return to throughout the whole company.
    Bob Iger, if you happen to read this, we need more Walt era content on Disney+! There are more than 30 films that were made or started under his supervision that are not on Disney+! Most of them are available to rent or buy on Amazon in HD so it can’t be that difficult to add them. I see posts all the time from people saying that they are dropping Disney+ because of lack of old content. More of the Disney anthology series would be awesome especially the Disneyland shows. I love the new content too but really expected more old content.

  6. I love Disney and what it used to mean to folks. I’m tired of many friends asking me what happened, we have not desire to go their. I think Bob hit it right on with the word “soul”. On a personal note I was seasonal for 15 years and lost that because of COVID. I would love to come back and help. Also please find out why there are so many attraction problems lately.

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