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Actor Paul Sorvino of ‘The Rocketeer’ Passes at 83

Paul Sorvino - Rocketeer

Actor Paul Sorvino, whose Disney credits include 1991’s “The Rocketeer,” died on Monday of natural causes. He was 83.

His Beginnings

Sorvino was born in 1939 to immigrant parents, and originally wanted to be an opera singer. When that dream was dashed by asthma, he began acting in the mid-1970s.

His Disney Roles

The actor played roles in several Disney-related projects in the 1990s.

He played the role of Lips Manlis in Disney/Touchstone’s 1990 movie, “Dick Tracy.” He also played Eddie Valentine in Disney’s 1991 movie, “The Rocketeer.”

In 1995, he portrayed Henry Kissinger in Disney’s Hollywood Pictures movie, “Nixon,” directed by Oliver Stone. He received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for the role.

Paul Sorvino - Nixon

Other Roles

In over 50 years in the entertainment business, Sorvino earned a reputation for playing the tough guy, whether it was as a cop or a criminal. On IMDB, he has over 170 credits listed.

His biggest roles were as Paul Cicero in Martin Scorsese’s mobster movie, “Goodfellas,” and as Sergeant Phil Cerreta on in early seasons of “Law & Order.”

His Passing

His death was announced by a social media post by his daughter, actress Mira Sorvino:

“My father the great Paul Sorvino has passed. My heart is rent asunder- a life of love and joy and wisdom with him is over. He was the most wonderful father. I love him so much. I’m sending you love in the stars Dad as you ascend.”