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Original Mouseketeer Mickey Rooney Jr. Passes at 77

Mouseketeer Mickey Rooney Jr.

Original Mouseketeer Mickey Rooney Jr., the eldest son of Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, has passed away at age 77.

His Beginnings

Mickey Rooney, Jr, was born July 3, 1945, to actor Mickey Rooney and his first wife, singer Betty Jane Rase.

Ten years later, he would appear in the first season of “The Mickey Mouse Club,” along with his younger brother, Tim.

Mickey Rooney Jr and Sr

Original Mouseketeer

Rooney appeared sporadically throughout that debut year of the show, as a back-up to the main cast of Mouseketeers.

Unfortunately both Rooneys were fired before the end of the first season for getting into trouble on the Disney lot.

Fellow Mouseketeer Paul Peterson, who was also fired the first season wrote on his Facebook page: “Mickey Junior was tall and talented. He could sing, dance and act…and get in trouble. We three were fired for Conduct Unbecoming a Mouse!”

Rooney’s time as a Mouseketeer is mentioned at the beginning of this video:

Post “Mickey Mouse Club”

After his stint as a founding Mouseketeer, the Rooneys formed a band in the 60’s, and Mickey appeared in a few films before ending up playing in Willie Nelson’s band in the late 70s.

He even appeared in Nelson’s 1980 film, “Honeysuckle Rose.”

His Passing

Rooney passed in his home in Arizona on July 16, 2022. His death was announced by Peterson but no cause of death was given.