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Disneyland Paris Hosts ‘Marvel Avengers Campus’ Dedication Ceremony

Disneyland Paris - Rafalski, Chapek, and Larson dedicate Avengers Campus

The new “Marvel Avengers Campus” attraction opens at Disneyland Paris on July 20, but last night on July 9, Disney held a dedication ceremony for it.

Kicking Things Off

The event started with the Disneyland Paris Ambassadors welcoming media and guests in both French and English before they’re joined by Spider-Man to help raise the curtain on the new attraction.

He’s joined by Captain America and Captain Marvel in their Avengers car to welcome the crowd inside for the Dedication Ceremony.

Once everyone is gathered at the ceremony stage, Tony Stark’s “Friday” AI introduces the President of Disneyland Paris, Natasha Rafalski.

Dressed in her Avengers finest, she stands by the attraction’s QuinJet welcoming everyone in both English and French.

She is soon joined by The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek, not in his Avengers finest, who talked about the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris, and everything new that has come to the parks in the last year.

He then welcomes Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, to help dedicate the “Marvel Avengers Campus.”

As Rafalski and Chapek touch Iron Man’s arc reactor logo set up on the side of the QuinJet, fireworks go off signaling the attraction dedication is now complete.

Here is the Disneyland Paris video of the ceremony to enjoy – it’s about 20 minutes long:

Avengers Assemble

Later, after dusk, the celebration continues with “Avengers Assemble.”

Musicians French Fuse remix various Avengers theme songs to energize the crowd before Doctor Strange opens a portal to a drone show in the sky.

The drones reveal various Avengers logos as the many superheroes arrive at the attraction to welcome all.

Once all of the superheroes are present, the drones form the Avengers “A” as a flurry of fireworks light up the sky.

Enjoy the presentation for yourself (the video is about 12 minutes long):

Congratulations to Disneyland Paris on their new attraction, “Marvel Avengers Campus“! I can’t wait to see the Marvel fans reactions when they get to experience it starting July 20, 2022.